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  • Full Name:KM. Riajul Islam
  • Phone:+880 1782 320 460
  • Email:kmriajulislami@gmail.com
  • Website:iamriajul.github.io
  • Address:33 Rail Bazar Road, Jagati, Kushtia, Dhaka, Bangladesh - 7002
  • Languages:Bengali, Arabic, English, Hindi and Urdu
  • Programming Languages:HTML, CSS, SASS, PHP, Javascript, Typescript, Java, Python, C#

Hello Dear!

I'm Riajul Islam, I am a Full-stack Web & Software Developer and I am carrying this experience for about more than 3 years.

Currently, I'm a student & doing part-time as a freelancer Web & Software developer. I was started my programming in 2015, now I am a full-stack Web & Software Developer with Super Learning Skill.
My career was started as a Web Developer since then i am doing freelancing and besides learning new technologies & diving into Software development etc. especially nowadays interested in Android Application Development and doing so.
I did work as a Company's Head Web Developer. and I have also developed an Android Application as the volunteer.
if I talk about my hobbies that's are nothing other than learning new things & technologies and fishing!, nowadays i'm not very interested in fishing but i would like to have in feature.
Day by day I'm constantly increasing & enhancing my Skills.
Oh! one thing i missed that I also like to learn new Spoken language(Human-Language) currently, i know Bengali, Arabic, English, Hindi and Urdu.
in My academics subject, i am very interested in Science especially I love Biology subject.
in my Family we are only three My Mother, Father and Me

Thank you.

My Resume

  • *** A bit outdated, TODO: need to add new experiences got from 2018 to now.

    Work Experience

  • Senior Developer

    Freelancing - 2017 - Current

    Become a super learner!, Got an job as Company's Head Web Developer. did an Android Application projects as volunteer. started Publishing to Playstore. accomplished many in things in software development.

  • Junior Developer

    Freelancing - 2016/October

    Started learning Android Application Development. in 2016 finished many web projects and earned quite good money!.

  • Got my first Web Project!

    from Jessore District - 2016/February

    In this project i was ordered to build an E-Commerce website with Wordpress & WooCommerce, I did all things good except Design, design wasn't quite good.

  • Education

  • Willing to Accomplish High-School Graduation with Science

    Kushtia Alia Madrasah - 2018 - 2019

    In sha Allah(إن شاء الله) i will accomplish my High-School Graduation with Science in 2019!

  • Messed-up High-School Graduation!

    Kushtia Alia Madrasah - 2016 - 2017

    Oh! i messed-up my graduation! but why? answer is I was drowned into Learning programming doing freelancing earning money etc...!

  • JDC Passed

    Jugia Dakhil Madrasah - 2014 - 2015

    Passed the JDC Examination with the Result of GPA 3.95(A), 2015 is the year when i dived into programming world with HTML, CSS, Javascript and PHP

  • Hafez e Quran - حافظ القران

    2013 <- 2010 - المدرسة الصمدية

    إِنَّا نَحْنُ نَزَّلْنَا الذِّكْرَ وَإِنَّا لَهُ لَحَافِظُونَ (Al-Quran Al-Hijr/9)
    We have, without doubt, sent down the Message; and We will assuredly guard it (from corruption).

My Services

Web Design

Designing a web is quite difficult if that's need to be unique, but i always try to do my best.

Web Development

Developing/Back-End Development is that where i'm very expert. i don't think how critical algorithm is, i'm always ready to go!

E-Commerce Development

Nowadays E-Commerce getting so popular and i'm doing so well with it. i'm always ready to go with it!

Android Application Development

I do both Designing(XML) and Back-End Java/Kotlin, I follow Material design guided by Google. I always aware/concern about performance and app size. many of users cancel their app installation because the downloading time!

Desktop Application Development

I did not have any Project with this, but if you want me to get started with this then, you can hire me. In this field i know quite good technologies that i can work with such as Java & JavaFX or C#, PyQt5 or with Electron Framework.


Supporting clients is bonding with clients. I always try to support my clients as best i can.






Web Application Development99%




Mobile Application Development90%

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